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Get Rid of Mold Inside Your Walls - Without Demoltion

Non-Toxic Solution That Gets Total Coverage


NO DEMOLITION. When one of our mold experts arrives at your home or place of business to conduct a free mold inspection and estimate, they will outline the very best plan for you and your unique situation.  This could mean demolition and removal, but in most cases for our customer,  we help them avoid the cost involved in cutting into their walls to access and remove mold.  This is made possible with our two-part mold killing solution, that penetrates walls and all porous materials to create a deep cleanse that cleans studs inside walls, your furniture, rugs and fabrics in a way that no other solution can.


TOTAL COVERAGE.  What total coverage means is our fog will envelop the entire volume of your home, touching nearly every seen and hidden surface area where mold could be lurking.  Mold can be found in every sample of air at any given time.  As it flows through air in search for surfaces that have moisture, it has no bounds as to where it could end up, And sure enough, it has proven to end up anywhere and everywhere.  We believe that the solution should be equally boundless.  Our dry fog solution will give you the assurance and peace of mind that will kill mod everywhere it may lurk.


KILLS MORE THAN MOLD.  Our solution not only cills benign and dangerous molds, fungus and mildews thereby eliminating additional growth and spread of related mycotoxins.  It also kills bacteria and viruses.  Our Dry Fog is emitted for several hours, essentially creating an effective dwell time on nearly every surface area in hour hoe, of multiple hours!  Our customers tell us the noticeable improvement in the air quality is immediate.


PROVEN EFFICACY. Our formula has been creating satisfied customers for more than a decade. It is now approved by the EPA and FDA in all 50 states. The Amy Cor of Engineers in Kentucky was so enamored by our tech that they conducted their own study below. The results on paper confirmed what we believe to be the most important indicator of efficacy... More than 10,000 satisfied customers who have told us about the improvement in health and well-being they experienced within days as a result of our service.  It works, and we are so confident after a decade that it works that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You aren't happy?  We will come back and re-fog at no additional cost.


NON-TOXIC. Our solution is non-toxic to humans and pets, but lethal to single-cell microorganisms.  As soon as the fog clears it is safe for you and your family, or you and your employees to get safely back to life as normal, with no side effects or long wait time involved.  You can leave your furniture and other belongings put.  You don't need to prep your house. In fact, all the stuff you own could benefit greatly without any concern that it will be damaged.


ELIMINATES FOUL ODORS / LEAVES NO RESIDUE. We will eliminate the musty odor or foul odor of mildews and molds.  Our solution is effective at also removing other odors, including odors created by a wood burning stove, and the embedded smell of nicotine and tobacco. What's more, is your furniture and other surfaces in your home are left without any visible or sticky residue.  Being FDA approved, no need to wipe down surfaces or incur any other additional effort. When we leave, you are done!


FREE MOLD INSPECTION AND ESTIMATE. To get going immediately with no-obligation... click on "Schedule an Appointment" in the menu to find a time on our mold experts' calendar.  And that's it.  A calendar invite will be sent to you, and we will visit you at your place in Palmer up north or further south in Eagle River or Chugiak all the way down to any neighborhood in Anchorage.  There is no obligation as the assessment and estimate are provided for free. If you prefer, we invite you to fill out the form below. You can also text or call us at  901.891.8676.

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If you suspect you are experiencing any mold-related health issues that are getting expensive because of multiple visits to a doctor. Then you have nothing to lose.  You will get access to the very best mold service available in Anchorage at no cost for the inspection. Fill out this form, and an expert will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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    Don't Break Your Walls

    You don't need to break your walls to eliminate black mold.  With our Dry Fog we penetrate deep into every nook and cranny.  So put the hammer away, and the overwhelming feeling that comes with a big project.

    Affordable Mold Remediation Anchorage Alaska

    Don't Break the Bank

    Customers tell us we are as little as half the cost of the competition. What's more, you get the most effective product available. It is time to schedule a free estimate. With Pure Maintenance Mold Removal- Anchorage you have nothing to lose.

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    Get the Job Done Fast

    You have better things to do than manage an unnecessary demolition and reconstruction project. Or to deal with a solution that requires prep or a wipe-down. In as little as four hours, you can be back to life as normal.


    Whether you live in Downtown Anchorage close to Government Hill or the North Star Neighborhoods, or out on Abbott Loop and Old Seward / Oceanview,  we have you covered in Anchorage.  we service Rabbit Creek, and Bear Valley,  we visit Bayshore / Klatt to the west and Sand ake by Spenard close to the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.


    We service daycares, gyms and doctor clinics.  We do air tests for dental offices, and as an FDA approved solution will fog restaurants and other eateries.  We treat  Assisted Living Centers, apartments and condominiums for landlords and investors looking to increase their premium, and fog schools for administrators that want to ensure a healthier environment for the children and their workers.  Do you own a business along Glenn Highway, or have a home in Eagle River? We are as convenient as an invitation to conduct a free on-premise assessment.


    Centrally located in Palmer, we will also travel out as far as Willow, Alaska, or Chickaloon. Regardless, if you fill out the form below or give us a call we are going to do whatever we can to make the best recommendation to get your mold issue taken care of in the most economical and effective way possible. Do you just want to learn more about Pure Maintenance beforehand?

    Have summer homes or a second home in Florida?  Our Florida sister company company can help provide the best Mold Inspection & Mold Treatment in Florida.

    Mold Removal Testimonials

    Recently my home had a flood and I had concerns of mold because of the moisture under the floor. I was able to contact Pure Maintenance and ask questions about their services. They were prompt with their response and had a technician out very quickly. Carson and Austin were very professional and kind. They answered all of my questions and concerns. I had my home fogged and happily, it is mildew free now! Also, I loved that when they said they would be here at 9:30 they were here at 9:30. Most of the time a company says they will be here at a certain time and they are always 30 minutes later. Not Pure Maintenance though! Being on time goes a long way with me especially because I have little ones on a schedule. Thank you for your services! I Definitely recommend Pure Maintenance for your mold and air quality needs!


    McKinlei A

    We recently discovered a HUGE mold issue in our home. We researched the best way to address this and decided on PURE Maintenance! We are so grateful. They were able to resolve our problem instantly (within 5 hours) and we could not be happier. The serious health issues we were struggling with as a result of the mold have disappeared. We feel safe again in our home and will have PURE Maintenance come check our home regularly because we trust them. THANK YOU!

    Dianne L.

    I've had many treatments like this, but this is the best by far. Great customer service. Would recommend to anybody.

    Braxton K.


    You Home May Have Mold

    If you see black spots or smell a musty mildew odor in your home, these are some of your strongest indicators you have some type of fungus growth that could be toxic.  Headaches,  Sinus problems or asthma attacks occurring more often can all be indicators that your home has moisture that is in turn leading to mold growth.  Water could be entering through hydrostatic pressure on your walls.  A pipe leak, trapped moisture in a crawl space or HVAC system.  It could be a slow roof leak creating a moist environment in your insulation in your attic. It could be a pipe with a pinhole, or windows that have a poor seal.  Whatever the case may be; to improve the health of your home or business we recommend getting in touch with an expert that can guide you through the next steps.  Call us or schedule a time. to meet. We look forward to hearing from you.

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