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Air Quality is a Contributor to Health in Our Communities from Anchorage to Eagle River, Alaska. Whether you have a business in Wasilla, Or You Are an Administrator at a School in Palmer, Or Simply a Home Owner in the Birchwood, Alaska Community; Your Health May Benefit from an Inspection for and Remediation of Dangerous Molds.

There are Benign Molds that may cause no more discomfort than being unsightly and creating a mildew smell.  Dangerous molds have these same attributes plus they emit mycotoxins into the air that can break down your immune system causing slight symptoms such as headaches or increase sinus issues all the way to more serious issues such as life-threatening asthma attacks.

If you live further out from Anchorage in communities such as Willow, Houston, Alaska or Sutton-Alpine, you can be just as easily affected as members of the Birchwood and Chugiak Communities.  Families and their children in neighborhoods up and down Glenn Highway can be infected by dangerous molds such as Black Mold.  The Place to start is to become aware of black mold by reading the effects. But it is also recommended to find a good free mold inspection service to find out whether you need to worry about it all.

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In Alaska, there are some who spend an inordinate amount of time indoors.  The quality of indoor air then becomes extremely important. Regardless of your health, the persistent effects of mycotoxins emitted from black mold will have negative effects on those with even the toughest immune systems.  Find out if your home or business are affected with no obligation.  Schedule a time to speak with a mold inspector by clicking "Schedule an Appointment" in the menu, or fill out the form and a mold expert will call as soon as they can to talk through your situation. 

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